Frequently Asked Question from Advertisers

How many issues per year?

There are 4 quarterly issues per year.

What are the issue dates?

Summer, Spring, Fall & Winter

When is the deadline for reservation?

Two weeks prior to Issue Date.  Contact PANL office for information.

When is the deadline for submission of material?

One week prior to Issue Date.  Contact PANL office for information.

What is your circulation?

Approximately 600.

What is the method of circulation?

Ads are published on the website and sent via email to PANL members. 

What is the ad dimension for full page formats?

Width 17 cm x Height 22.5 cm

What are acceptable file formats?

Microsoft Word and/or .JPEG

Is this printed in full processed colour?

The Newsletter is produced using Microsoft Publisher and is copied in-house. Full processed color is available only on  our website.

Notes to Advertisers:

  • There will be limited space available for advertisers to purchase per publication.
  • All advertising and promotional material distributed with the Association’s newsletter is subject to approval by the Executive of the Pharmacists’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • The product/service advertised has to be of interest to members and is appropriate to the pharmacy profession.
  • Advertising rates are subject to change without notice. Payment is due on receipt of invoice.