2021 Flu Vaccination Program

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CPhA Statements and Activities

  • October 12, 2021 | CPhA Influenza Resources
    • CPHA has developed a webpage devoted to the 2021-22 Influenza season: Influenza - English (pharmacists.ca). Here pharmacists will find a number of helpful resources including:

      • Suggested best practices for pharmacies

      • Patient information – what to expect when you get a flu shot at a pharmacy

      • Answers to common questions about the flu – this will be a helpful guide when discussing the flu with your patients 

Pharmacy Signage

September 27, 2021 | 2021-22 Flu Shot Promotional Materials

PANL has developed a number of promotional materials in advance of the 2021-22 Universal Flu Vaccination Program.

                     Pre Start Date    

                               - Social media

                               - In store posters

                               - Prescription bag notes

                     Post Start Date

                               - Social media

                               - In store posters

                                               - poster #1

                                               - poster #2

                               - Prescription bag notes

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